Automotive Fuel Tank Repair Kit


Bill Hirsch Automotive Tank Repair Kit combines three of our products into one complete kit that no restorer should be without. It is a three step process which includes 1) Cleaner and Degreaser, 2) Gas Tank Etch, 3) Alcohol Resistant Gas Tank Sealer. The kit also includes a stop putty which instantly seals holes. Dries rock hard and can be sanded. This is good for most fuel types, not recommended for use with methanol. The Kit contains:- 

1 Quart Cleaner/Degreaser.
1 Pint Gas Tank Etch
1 Quart Gas Tank Alcohol/Ethanol Resistant Sealer
1 Piece Metal Putty.

Detailed step by step instuctions ensure a succesful and permanent repair of your tank. Works  with all metal and fibreglass tanks.

SKU: 1029

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