Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel Aerosol


Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel is one of highest quality engine enamel available on the market today. Extremely high solid content, heat resistant to 370°C (700 deg F). Most show winning cars today use Bill Hirsch Engine Enamel. High gloss, easy to use. Can be brushed or sprayed. Avaliable in Quarts and Aerosols.

If we do not have your colour, just ask, as we constantly update the range.

Colours Avaliable:

  • Aluminium
  • Black
  • Buick Green Late 1953-65
  • Cadillac Lasalle Green 1935-48
  • Chevrolet Grey 1929-52 & 53 Manual
  • Chevrolet Orange 1955, 1957-75 V-8's
  • Chevrolet Red 1956 V8's
  • Ford Gold 1964-65 Accessories
  • Ford Mustang Blue 1967 on with 302 engine
  • Ford Thunderbird Red

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