PPC Rust Rid Aerosol


PPC Rust Rid has been designed to meet the needs of the future. This state of the art rust inhibitor is performance oriented and environmentally compliant. Rust Rid instantly bonds with rust, stops its growth, transforms it into a non-rusting paintable surface, and prevents future rust formation. Rust Rid is a rust converter designed to be directly applied to rusty surfaces to convert residual rust on steel surfaces to a harmless and adherent Ferrous chemical compound. Rust Rid works by means of a chemical reaction which transforms rust into a dark, inert protective polymeric coating that seals out moisture. It provides a superior primer coating on rusty steel and iron for the application of oil based paints.Unlike standard scrape, prime and paint regimes, the user does not have to bring the surface down to bare metal to achieve good results. Once the coating is allowed to dry, typically overnight, it should be top coated  with a solvent based paint. Rust Rid will extend the life of rusted iron parts. It’s less expensive and less time consuming than traditional methods.


Rust Rid is a rust converter and inhibitor to stop future rusting.
Stops rusting
Protects surfaces to resist the effects of weather
Ready to use formula
Does not require primer coat before painting although a primer will provide additional protection
Eliminates lengthy surface preparations
Primer for oil based paints
Does not leave a powdery surface
Will not peal or crack
Long-term protection on steel and iron
Does not contain lead

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