PPC Super Rust Starter Kit


PPC Super Rust Starter Kit, this kit stops rust dead in it's tracks, the Bill Hirsch Miracle Paint works wonders on all metals, wood, concrete and more!!! This kit contains 250ml PPC Clean, 250ml  PPC Prep, 100ml Bill, Hirsch Miracle Paint, Gloves, Paint Brushes and detailed instructions.

The Hirsch Miracle Paint System cleans, preps, and coats metal to stop rust permanently in it's tracks.
Ideal for small projects such as control arms, small subframes, axle replacements, control arms, brake shields, trailers, minor jobs, bars, letter boxes, windscreens, small rust patches , engine mounts, battery boxes, BBQ's, garage hinges, car window rust, farm equipment plus many marine applications and more! 

SKU: 10007

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