PPC Stone Sealer Clear Coating


PPC Stone Sealer is made in New Zealand to suit our harsh weather conditions. It is an easy to use oil based stone sealer and finish for the ultimate protection of your stone work and stone surfaces. It provides maximum exterior and interior durability and colour retention utilising our proprietary technology. PPC Clear Stone Sealer gives a clear transparent hard protective gloss finish / film, and provides the highest level of protection for both interior and exterior stonework, slate, brick work, Schist stonework, natural stone, stone cladding, columns and walls. PPC stone sealer is typically used on stonework outside where protection from UV light and water is critical and a wet look is desired..Exceptionally durable

High performance
Quick drying (Fast project time)
Easy to apply
Highlights and protects all stonework
Resistance to abrasion, water, alcohol and most household chemicals
Typically only one coat is necessary. Two to three coats of stone sealer can be applied, depending on the finish required. One Litre will cover approximately 2 to 6 Square Meters depending on the substrate and type of stone and stonework to be sealed. Clean-up is with mineral turpentine.
Typically a re-coat will be required after 6 to 8 years.


PPC Stone Sealer will retard discoloration, splitting and breaking, due to weather exposure
PPC Stone Sealer is non-corrosive to metals
Can be used on other stone and concrete structures
Will penetrate the stonework rapidly
For best results apply to dry stonework. It is ideally suited for:- Protection for both interior and exterior stonework- Outdoor stone and concrete cladding- BBQs, Seating, Tables, walls- Pathways and columns

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